Who are we?

in 1985, RP was formed as fully licensed recruitment company comprising all human resources activities with an authorized capital of L.E. 100,000 under license NO.49 using the right tools, and having the right people, we are making recruitment happen.

What are we doing?

Recruitment Services Through a comperhensive computerized system we maintain a wide ranging ( multi thousands) data bank for candidate for most professionals required in the Middle East Market as well as some other European Markets. This System enables our recruiters to rapidly select the most suitable candidated for a given vacancy as well as the cadidat's availablity.

Interview - selection

RP is working both with job openings from clients and submitted CVs from applicants. By matching these two, we identify the most suited job according to your expertise and expectations, providing you with the best career opportunities.



Recruiting candidates

we identify the most appropriate candidate for a given vacancy

Interviewing / selecting candidates

we select the most suitable candidates according to specific requirements


we support companies with many solutions like payroll & hiring.



9 Rostom Street, 2nd floor, Garden City, Cairo-Egypt