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The present website, www.rp-jobs.com, is created for employers, to seek qualified candidates for their available positions and for job seekers to find their best job. Any other usage is strictly prohibited. If you use this website then you have read our terms and conditions and have accepted them completely. The company, Resource Professionals, has the right to update the website at anytime, without informing the website users. Any updating will not affect the website users' accounts or their ability to use the site. All information may be subject of verification, but this does not verify the authenticity.

We at RP have control over the posted jobs, the registering candidates and the employers. The company has the right to reject anyone from being a member of this website. We do not guarantee the truthfulness of the candidates or the employers, but we deal with the information we have as trusted. The company guarantees that the information found for the candidates or the employer will be complete and junk free. The company is not responsible for any contacts made through the usage of this website. You are responsible for your information, password, username or any other private information, whether or not used by you. You agree to immediately notify the company of any unauthorized usage of your registration or password and we will offer you our help in returning back your account.

Use for employers
We have several types of membership, userfriendly and designed to save you time and money. These types are also made to suit your budget. You will be able to conduct a search for qualified candidates and choose those who are suitable for your jobs. No more contacting third parties and waiting for results to be sent. Just search, call and interview all for our low rates. Saving you the result of coming up with few qualified candidates. You are able to sign up of an account for free by just entering your company profile you can also select the membership type according to your needs.

For more details contact us to obtain the rates for the website usage regarding candidates searches and job postings.

We at RP have two main membership types: Silver Membership and Golden Membership.

  • 1 - Silver Membership

    The moment you register your company profile to our website, you will be able to have the default membership as a Silver Membership. This membership type allws you to post a job and view full CVs of junior candidates and summary CVs of senior candidates only for the job you posted. To use full functionality of this membership type you have to settle your account by contacting us through our messaging system, fax, phone or email. Please refer to 'why become a member' for details.

    After settling your account you will be able to view full CVs for senior and junior candidates who applied to the job you posted. Three CVs will be automatically sent to you from our database in addition to all the CVs that had applied to your posted job. You can also view up to nine CVs by searching through our database, taking in consideration that you give reasons why you refused each of the previous three, before accessing the rest of the nine.

    2 - Golden Membership:

    After you register your company profile to our website, you can request the Golden Membership directly from your homepage. You will be contacted by our website administrator for settling your account.

    As a Gold Member, you will be able to post your jobs and make a search through our databank and view full details for senior candidates in addition to the junior candidates. You will also be automatically registered to the Hire RP service which assigns a specialist to search for the candidates you need and send them directly to your accounts inbox. Refer to 'why become a member' for details.

Use for candidates
Job seekers can post their CVs, search and apply for all jobs that we have available, free of charge. Our website is giving the tools of searching and applying for a job, all from the comfort of home.You are only allowed to post one CV. When placing your CV on our website it will be available to paying clients. If you wish to keep your CV in total confidence, you can mark your CV as confidential and no employers will be able to see your CV unless you apply for the job posting they made. If you are not marking your CV as confidential from the beginning then employers or recruiters who have paid for access to the database may have retained a copy of your CV for their own use.

We are not responsible for the retention and use of private info submitted by you on our website, or it's further use.