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Job Title: Purchasing Manager ad
·        Duties:
·          Direct and control purchasing staff to ensure that they are well motivated and trained and that they carry out their responsibilities to the required standards.
·         Assist in the development of a central purchasing policy to ensure that the company makes the best use of its purchasing power.
·         Negotiate contracts with suppliers who meet the company’s requirements to secure the most favorable terms of business for the company.
·         Develop and implement all necessary policies and procedures to
·         Ensure that the purchasing function operates effectively.
·         Keep all contracts for the supply of goods and services under
·         Review to ensure that they are being carried out effectively and Renegotiate terms where necessary
·         Maintain the central purchasing budget to ensure the effective Monitoring and control of all purchases.
·         Maintain an awareness of any developments in the field of central Purchasing or with suppliers to ensure that the company continues to apply the most effective policies and procedures.
·         Act as the company’s adviser on all matters relating to the purchasing function
·         Analyze market and delivery systems in order to assess present and future material availability.
·         Prepare reports regarding market conditions and merchandise costs.
·         Arrange for disposal of surplus materials
·         Requirements:
·         ·Education: BS in Accounting , economic or finance
·         Training Requirements (licenses, programs, or certificates):
o   Any in same field will be an advantage.
·         Experience: +15 years’ experience in a central purchasing function
Purchasing Manager
Job Details
Job Ref: PM
Start Date: 27/01/2014
Hours: Full Time
Location: Jobs in Saudi Arabia
Working Term: Contract
Salary: attractive
Application Deadline: 14/04/2014
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