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Job Title: System Analyst Aramco
Position Description The candidate will play a leading role applying the highest level of expertise for the development, specification and communication of the firm’s technology architecture plan, and the flexibility to effectively provide leadership when called upon to provide any level of project management for projects requiring any area of technical expertise.

Mentor and coach more junior technical staff and may manage or direct the activities of others.
 Work on multiple projects that require in-depth knowledge across multiple technical areas and business segments.
Integrate with all core application, as well as the integration with the hardware associated with it. The position would also require planning future core system upgrades and essential integration.
Minimum Requirements Bachelor degree in Engineering, Business Administration, Computer Science, Management Information Systems (MIS) or higher.
Strong understanding of system integration and interoperability.
Proven experience in designing medium to large scale messaging solutions. Must be able to design SLAs given the infrastructure on hands.
Should be able to consult and implement improvements.
 Minimum 10 years of experience with system design, implementation and project management.
Duties & Responsibilities -       Duties listed are representative but not inclusive: Direct the work of subordinates where applicable.
-       Work with organizations at all levels (i.e., ER, Finance, etc.) to maintain an overall corporate management information system, which is the primary source from which information is gathered for policy and decision making at the corporate level.
-       Conduct feasibility studies and prepare feasibility reports, conduct stakeout studies and prepare project proposal reports.
-       Interface with EDP/PCD in the design and implementation phases of EDP-                                                                                                   based business systems and provide support to EDP as the department client.
-       Prepare the user manuals and associated documentation resulting from business system implementation.
-       Prepare conversion plan and user installation plan for applicable organization.
-       Provide the support and advice, and business procedures necessary to maintain the integrity of data, which originates within department business organizations.
-       Provide training to operational and staff personnel to maximize the effectiveness of business systems within the assigned department. Conduct special studies as assigned.
Job Role and Responsibilities:
-       Oversee and manage the assigned department’s/organization’s computer security program ensuring compliance with the company’s information security policy.
-       Manage the internal processes and procedures to comply with the information security policy in the organization(s), which he/she supports.
-       Ensure communication of recently approved additions, deletions or amendments to the information security policy to department management and users.
-       Resolve noncompliance or misuse of granted privileges and services as required by incident reporting processes and support information protection standards and guidelines (IPSAG).
-       Conduct business risk assessments related to computing resources within his/her area of responsibility and take appropriate remedial action, including notifying his/her management and Computer Security Administration (CSA) regarding security risks, or IT regarding operational risks.
-       Enhance department level access requirement documentation, and ensure the availability of applicable support systems and related processes to assign, monitor and delete when such accesses are no longer required. Ensure removal of access assigned for resigned, transferred or terminated employees immediately.
-       Manage department data classification and handling of sensitive information requirements and take appropriate action(s) to comply with sensitive and confidential data. Consult department head for access requirements, especially for critical resources.
-       Manage active directory resources for users under his/her area of responsibility and enable and reset user’s domain account.
-       Manage email exchange security groups and profiles for users’ under his/her area of responsibility.
-       Manage permissions to use network resources, e.g., shared folders, and printers. Analyze the overall usage of temporary administrator rights requests under his/her area of responsibility.
-        Actively participate in the corporate computer security awareness. Manage business continuity requirements for his/her organization to comply with the approved corporate business continuity requirements. Ensure periodic physical inventory verification, at least once every six months, of all assigned end user devices under his/her custody. Manage and coordinate the requesting of IT computer resources.
Job Details
Job Ref: 70047558
Start Date: 13/10/2014
Hours: Full Time
Location: Jobs in Saudi Arabia
Working Term: Permanent
Salary: very attractive
Application Deadline: 13/11/2014

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