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Job Title: Audiometrician The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)
Manage the Hearing Conservation Programs that help prevent Hearing loss among company workers
Activities and Responsibilities
  • Implementation of the Hearing Conservation Program
  • Carryout Hearing test to the employees exposed to noise
  • Carryout sites inspections, measurements, sampling and analysis and evaluates the implementation of occupational health programs.
  • Create ways to keep workers and the general public safe from harm.
  • Investigate complaints.
  • Prevent government fines.
  • Inform an organization's management of areas not compliant to the Hearing conservation Policies and Occupational Health regulations.
  • Advise management on the cost and effectiveness of safety and health programs.
  • Advise and implement health programs.
  • Provide training on new regulations.
  • Train employees on ear protection and hearing conservation
  • Participate in the Periodical Occupational Medical examination
  • Participate in health awareness programs for work related health hazards and health welfare of employees and their families 
  • Meeting with workers and safety representative and site manager
Skills and Work environment:
  • Very good Knowledge of English language
  • Very good ability to handle computer software, data analysis and making presentations
  • Work environment 70% in the Field (Power plants and workshops) some are in remote areas.
Bachelor or diploma degree in audiology or Health and Science at least 5 years practice in the same field
Job Details
Job Ref: A003
Start Date: 18-12-2014
Hours: Full Time
Location: Riyadh, Jobs in Saudi Arabia
Working Term: Contract
Application Deadline: 1/9/2014
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