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Job Title: Transmission Engineers (Electrical) The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)
Operation & Maintenance of HV and EHV Transmission Lines and Substations
Substation Automation Systems, Overhead Lines, Underground Cables, Power Transformer, Switchgear, UGC Feeders, SVC Systems, Capacitor Banks, Pre-commissioning, Network Performance and Analysis, Monitoring and Troubleshooting of Network, Policy & Procedures of Electrical System, Network Security, Economical Studies of Energy.
Protection & Relay, Power System Analysis and Fault Studies, Relay Settings & Protection Grading, Study of System Analysis and Fault Calculation, Analysis of Protection Operation.
Planning, Design & Engineering: Transmission Network, Lines & Substations, System Planning, Load Forecasting, Standards & Specifications, Pre-commissioning, Asset Performance & Quality, Study & Research, Right-of-way, etc.
Power Dispatch, Control Room Operation.
Job Details
Start Date: 16/07/2013
Hours: Full Time
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Working Term: Contract
Salary: attractive
Application Deadline: 16/07/2014

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