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Job Title: Drilling Engineer Aramco
Position Description: Performs and directs drilling engineering functions to support complex drilling operations; and leads major drilling engineering projects that require original or unusual analysis and solution.
Minimum Requirements:
A)    Bachelor's degree in Engineering; preferably in Petroleum, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering.
B)      Experience: minimum 7-8 years, such that incumbent is clearly recognized as a Drilling Engineer in his field.
C)      Other: The initiation, development and completion of major engineering studies requires a high degree of intelligence and imagination and comprehensive knowledge one or more of the areas of Petroleum Engineering and can serve as Consultant, Coordinator or Project Engineer on assigned drilling projects.
D)     Position often requires original and unique approaches and solutions to difficult and diversified drilling engineering problems.
Duties & Responsibilities:
A)    Provides sound drilling engineering methods and procedures to be used on assigned drilling problems.
B)      Executes and accomplishes assignments and studies in areas outlined in the scope assuring conformance to overall objectives of all phases of drilling operations in areas including drilling penetration rate optimization, new drilling technology and drilling studies.
C)      Capable of providing technical support for many types of drilling wells including complex multi-lateral and extended reach (ERD) horizontal oil and gas wells, HPHT gas wells, offshore and deep water and unconventional wells. Wells include power water injection and producing wells, exploration wells and all kinds of workovers including HST’s.
D)     Proficient in analyzing advanced drilling data and the performance of new or existing drilling techniques to determine a need for or benefit from studies, recommendations and/or modifications with respect to unit costs and operating efficiency consistent with established.
E)      Performs and prepares various studies and reports on drilling subjects then provides recommendations, alternative proposals and preliminary design and program outlines with statistical cost data, economic analyses, back-up data and charts and presents, or assists in the presentation of study and proposals to Management, technical and operating groups.
F)      Initiates detailed work outlines and performs or delegates to DE-II work for final development of technical proposals and studies of proposed projects.
G)     Discusses, coordinates and is able to resolve any problems in assigned areas with personnel throughout Aramco and with outside organizations to ensure that conclusions and recommendations of work conform to and are consistent with overall company objectives and requirements.
H)     Assists in the training and indoctrination of new personnel, SA engineers and engineering aides.
I)        Delivers sound technical assistance and advice to operating divisions on complex drilling operating problems.
Job Details
Job Ref: DE003
Start Date: 13/08/2014
Hours: Full Time
Location: Jobs in Saudi Arabia
Working Term: Contract
Salary: Attractive Salary
Application Deadline: 13/11/2014

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