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Job Title: Occupational Health Consultant The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)
Occupational Health Consultant
To provide general guidelines for the creation, development, and management of the occupational health services in SEC.
In Scope:
1.       Hearing conservative program
a)      Assist in creation the new hearing conservation program policy.
b)      Study the resources needed for the program(equipment & manpower)
c)       Create a complete system for filing, analysis& evaluation for the program.
d)      Compensation programs(GOSI)
2.       Occupational medical examination program
a)      Assist in creation the new occupational medical examination program policy
b)      Create guidelines for fitness to work evaluation programs such as preplacement evaluation, periodichealth; return to work; rehabilitation and disability evaluations.
c)       Putting criteria for the risky jobs fitness medical examination results.
3) Health and well-being program
a.       Help in designing awareness for some work related health hazard.
b.      Creation of some parallel programs such as nutrition programs, concerning the welfare of the employees abd their families.
4) Ergonomics Program.
a.       Assist creation of Ergonomics Program.
b.      Training employees (Ergonomics Program)
5) Other programs
a.       Create occupational health programs for occupational diseases and chronic diseases e.g respiratory system disease, chemicalpoisoning related diseases.
6) Functional as facilitator for those programs in all areas
MD Medical doctor
MSc Master Degree in occupational health/medicine
15 to 30 years of experience with prod spectrum in the above program listed
Professional certification
NIOSH, OSHAS or equivalent.
Job Details
Job Ref: OHC
Start Date: 20/05/2014
Hours: Full Time
Location: Dammam, Jobs in Saudi Arabia
Working Term: Contract
Salary: Attractive
Application Deadline: 20/06/2014

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