Success has always been the ultimate goal for all generations. To reach this, you need to identify real opportunities and seize them at once. As a decision-maker, you need the essential guides designed to provide thorough and accurate business information and analysis, as today's pressing issue is the Increase Demand for Manpower. We recruit the people you need to reach your success! Dealing with success, we provide the best job opportunities for our candidates, in the most appealing companies to work for. With RP, you are one click away from the job you want!

Resource Professionals

  • Who are we?
  • What are we doing?
  • How can we help you?
  • Why trust us?

Who are we?

Resource Professionals (RP) is one of the largest and most experienced Egyptian companies specialized in providing Manpower, Recruitment, Consultancy and Training. In 1985, Resource Professionals was formed as a fully-licensed recruitment company comprising all Human Resources Activities with an authorized capital of L.E.100, 000 under license No.49. We provide the best specialists for companies like Aramco, Coca Cola, Siemens or Texaco and offer our candidates the opportunity to develop in a professional environment.


What are we doing?

Resource Professionals (RP) provides all inclusive Recruitment Services to its clients. Our service starts from identifying the most qualified applicants according to our clients’ needs and job descriptions, throughout placement of selected candidates to the job sites.


How can we help you?

For our business clients, we provide the following services:

Recruiting candidates:

1. Through a comprehensive computerized system, RP maintains a wide - ranging data bank of candidates for all professions. This system enables our staff to rapidly identify the most appropriate candidate for a given vacancy and whether the candidate is available for the open position or not.

2. Twenty years of experience in the field enables RP to use the contacts  made over time to headhunt the most qualified candidates for high level positions, especially those of rare expertise.

3. In case more applicants are required than those we have available in the data base, RP suggests, designs and publishes employment advertisements in the most widely spread  news paper in Egypt (The Egyptian Al-Ahram) at the paper's actual cost. Throughout the past years we have studied the habits of job seekers thoroughly and developed an advertising system, which specifically seeks the required applicants.

Interviewing/ selecting candidates

1. Resource Professionals is staffed with capable interviewers who can select the most suitable candidates according to specific requirements, carrying this burden off our client. We conduct most of the necessary interviewing tests in addition to evaluating the candidate's personal character.

2. We also have a vast experience in preparing interview workshops for our client, suggest schedule of interviews, control appointments and follow up with potential candidates. Plus, we offer our office space free of charge for the client to conduct its own interviews.

Follow-up system

RP fully updates clients on each step of the delivery and acts on his approval regarding the relative recruitment phase. Our Finance Department maintains an accurate and up-to-date account for each client and invoices our respective client systematically, according to the relevant contractual agreement. We keep a full record of each recruitment case as a reference. Based on the contract with our esteemed client, we replace turned over employees formerly recruited via our office, according to an agreed period.

For our job seekers, we offer an interaction platform on the market.

Sign up!

For job seekers, we have designed an easy to use on-line tool, for everyone to apply with their CV and search for open positions, according to background and experience. We keep you informed about the new openings on-line (Hot Jobs) and through a newsletter, which updates you on a weekly basis upon the latest vacancies. Once you submitted your CV, you enter our data base and your application will be available for all matching positions posted by our clients. 


RP is working both with job openings from clients and submitted CVs from applicants. By matching these two, we identify the most suited job according to your expertise and expectations, providing you with the best career opportunities.

1.  Once we identify a job that requires your qualifications, we process your CV and inquire about your availability for the respective position, then according to your suitability you will be invited for an interview.

2. You might also have an interview with the employer, at our office, to assure the best match to your future job.


1.  If you have been selected, RP will help you to go through the logistic operations required for working, either local or abroad, to relief you of this burden. We will facilitate for you the medical checkup, visa & passport processing and any related legal issues (contract, etc.) that need to be solved.

2. If you haven’t been selected, your CV will remain in our Data Base, to be processed further when we have a job opening matching your background.


Why trust us?

  • We sustain our recruitment services by delivering a quality follow-up
  • We keep our partners permanently informed with each step of the delivery process
  • We provide job seekers with the most up-to-date career opportunities on the market, via our on-line system
  • We have twenty years of expertise in the field and a strong knowledge of the dynamics of the labor market
  •  We are recommended by our most important clients as Aramco, Sceco, Coca Cola, Unilever, Texaco or Siemens.