One of our services is to provide the Payroll Service to the multinational and major corporations in Egypt such as: Xerox, Mantrak, Incogum, Park Davis, Click GSM…etc.
Positions (Clerical & Supervisory) served through the Payroll System are: Secretary, Executive Secretary, Accountant, Maintenance, Sales, Marketing, Security, Drivers, Office Boys, Technical Workers, Workers, etc.

Resource Professionals (RP) shall be willing to host the given individuals as RP employees composing complete personnel files starting from establishing the contract with the candidate, informing the MP that RP is hiring the candidate in a specific job, carrying out the reference check for the employee and also assuring of the undergoing of the medical check of him/her upon the client's choice, either in Governmental hospitals or Private ones. We also check for the educational background of the employee and control the relationships with the MP authorities to get approvals for any work related procedures. We are also in charge of the payment of salaries to the employees, including the social insurance and taxes and also for the candidate's contract termination. We make sure all documents necessary for the personnel file are there and are kept in the created file. Your company will have access to all records pertaining to the administration of these programs.

In order to pay the client's Corporate Shield (CS) employees on a monthly basis, we propose giving them bank accounts at a designated bank under the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) program providing an ATM card serviceable during day / night at assorted locations, both inside and outside Cairo. This shall be based on the employee's choice and definitely at no fees. On the other hand, the employee will enjoy using the bank loan system according to his/her account deposit in addition to the interest to be added to his/her account regardless of the minimum amount that should be in the employee's account.

For the Payroll System the client has the choice to be charged in one of two ways:


Duration of the contract: One year, with the possibility to be extended for a further period, upon mutual agreement; earlier termination upon two months written notice to RP.

Resource Professionals Co. Obligations:

Medical Insurance:

Covered in one of two ways, according to the client’s choice:

The Client's Obligations:

According to the validity of the contract, your company shall be responsible for the following:

  • Paying RP for the services provided during the validity of the contract at rates stated.
  • Registering the contract, if required.
  • Paying withholding taxes (deducted to RP's payments) to the tax dept. for the contractor account.
  • Compensation - invoicing, the monthly invoices issued by RP at the end of each month in English Language to be sent in one original and three copies to finance Dep. Attn. Chief Accountant.

Payment of RP's invoice will be made by your Comp. In L.E (Egyptian Pound) in advance - with the attendance sheet.

    1. 40% from the monthly Gross Salary including 26% of company’s share of Social Insurance.
    2. Actual Cost + 15%
    • Furnish the client - For record use - with a comprehensive list of employees’ full names, their residences, place of work and RP shall notify the client in writing of any change in such data within seven days as from the date of RP's acknowledgement.
    • RP undertakes to carry out any work that was assigned according to the sound technical and scientific principles. RP is also committed to deliver to the client-throughout the duration of the contract- on request, all the reports related to the work assigned to RP.
    • RP shall be solely responsible for the following rights of the contractor's personnel salaries, taxes and Medicare.
    • RP undertakes to pay the personnel the agreed upon net due monthly salaries by latest 48 hours after receiving the attendance sheet of the employees from the client. The payment will be in cheques or transferred into the bank account of every employee.
    • RP undertakes to keep the confidentiality of all information regarding our clients. Besides, RP is committed to follow-up the instructions and guidance given by the client regarding the execution of the work-subject-matter of this contract.
    • It is agreed upon that the client may, at any time until the ending date of the contract, decrease or partially cut the work assigned to RP, according to the circumstances of the market, as estimated by the client. The client has to notify RP at least one month ahead of the date fixed for terminating the work partially or reducing it. In all cases, RP is entitled to receive monthly a minimum 70% of the contract's value, prevailing at the month prior to the partial termination or the decrease of work, during the three months following the fixed termination or decrease of work, without prejudice to the client's right to end the contract entirely at its expiry date.
    • Governmental Hospital
    • Private Hospital